Saturday, January 23, 2021

Sipapa In Trouble Over Shooting In Kamwokya

Contravisial city Socialite and music promoter Charles Olim alias Sipapa is in trouble after the victims his team members shot have come out to demand justice. Sipapa is said to have been travelling with two men in the same vehicle that shot at people power supporters in Kamwokya last week.

This was after they were confronted for parking in front of Fred Nyanzi‘s building. Nyanzi is the elder brother of Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine who is also aspiring for presidency under the National Unity Platform.

Sipapa who is well known for being a staunch supporter of the National Resistance Movement(NRM) was driving a super custom vehicle Registration Number UBE 229E when he was attacked  prompting the two men he was riding with to fire warning bullets in the air although some flew to the nearby shops. 

An eye witness, a one Gilbert Mugisha who also runs a shop in Nyanzi’s building says a bullet missed him by a whisker. He was thrown in shock as he heard bullets while attending to his customers on a Saturday morning.

According to Mugisha the two unidentified men returned that same evening and parked in the middle of the road threatening anyone who seemed to comment about the earlier happenings of the day. Sipapa was overheard using Bobi Wine’s famous quote relating to the successful pressure he has managed to exert on the Ruling NRM  of ”Kasukali keko oba twongelemu” meaning was the earlier sugar enough or we add more.

 Elizabeth Namagembe who owns a saloon around the same area expressed disappointment in the fact that no single police office bothered to set foot in the area until the next day even though Kiira road police station is just a few steps away. She said they had to lock themselves up to avoid being hurt.

One of the victims Muzafaru Nyombi who is nursing a wounded eye and a broken leg says he has opened a case of assault against Sipapa.

Fred Nyanzi expressed frustration at the police for failure to arrest Sipapa even after he opened a case against him yet it is the third time he is committing the same crime.

We are going to mobilize ourselves all these people who were affected that day to pinch a demonstration at Kiira road police we demand police to arrest Sipapa and charge him,” Nyanzi said.

Patrick onyango the Kampala metropolitan police spokesperson said the matter is under investigation and that the bullet cartridges found at the scene will be used to establish the owner of the gun that was fired.

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