Sunday, January 24, 2021

Sheila The Mosquito? God’s Plan’s Multi-Million Assets On Sale As He Goes Broke

Sheila Gashumba might have played the mosquito after reports began trickling through that her fiance Marcus Ali Lwanga is at the brink of bankruptcy.

Sheila has reportedly siphoned millions out of the wannabe Millionaire to fund her insatiable appetite for high life and it now seems God’s Plan is paying the price for dancing to Sheila’s spendthrift schemes.

The latest we have gathered is that God’s Plan has put his multi million mansions on sale which is located on the shores of Lake Victoria. God’s Plan had bought the house after he came to Uganda loaded with cash to spend. However, despite the fact that his source of wealth remains unknown, it appears the source has finally dried.

As we write this God’s Plan has already run to NBS TV to seek a job and will be part of NBS The Score shows a sign that he is getting broke since he had never sought any job since he stepped into the country. It has now come to our attention that his mansion is also up for sale so that sheila and himself can get more to spend. shall keep you posted.

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