Wednesday, January 20, 2021

PHOTOS: Starved BBS TV Presenter Diana Nabatanzi Finds New Love Under Strange Circumstances

BBS TV presenter Diana Nabatanzi might have the beauty to make any man in the city fall at his feet pleading, but she has been abit unlucky with love lately.

The presenter and actress’s love life remains largely out of the limelight but recent reports indicate that she hasn’t been that occupied with male proposals.

However, it seems the presenter has found herself, new love, in strangely amazing manner. In a generation where most celebrities and public figures have strong and formidable publicity teams and a huge social media presence. The presenter has also invested in such and she has got a formidable team dubbed “Diana Forevers”.

The team surprised the presenter to series of gifts and cakes this week and she was utterly amazed at the love she has got from them, a love that supersedes the love of men.

”When you’re loved by the right people.The best love is the love that makes you a better person, Dianah FOREVERS the greatest gift you’ve given me is the space to be myself & you’ve loved the real me with all my imperfections. You’ve been there before, stayed, still moving & above all, loved me purely. I value your love, passion, support, time, posts, coments, prof pics & much more. You always tell me that I inspire you but you’re my inspiration & this keeps me going every second of my life. You’ve welcomed the new me in a memorable way.. NEW SHOW SUMULULA. Remember GOD first , God bless you for meDianah FOREVERS” Diana posted on social media.

Check Out photos below:

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