Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Father Musaala Speaks Out On His Worrying Health Condition

Social media was awash with photos of Father Anthony Musaala drenched in blood as reports of him being attacked went viral.

The man of God was seen with a nose oozing blood as it was bandaged to limit the bleeding. Many lamented that the controversial singer and father was ambushed by a known assailants and harmed.

However, Musaala has come out to address the issue about his condition so as to allay fears about the health and to calm the social media tensions. 

Musaala has now said that he has a nose bleeding problem which is not in any way associated with being attacked physically, adding that he is undergoing treatment and will soon be well. He, therefore, requested the public to disregard rumours that he has been assaulted.

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