Thursday, January 28, 2021

VIDEO: Angry Ritah Kaggwa Blasts Masolo Queen Bad Black In Fresh Nasty Bitter War

The war between two social media motor mouths Shanitah Namuyimbwa alias Bad Black And Ritah Kaggwa has taken a whole new twist after months of inactivity.

The two had been at loggerheads over who is the true queen of social media and the war got nasty with the two hurling obscenities at each other.

Despite the fact the pair had ceased fire, Ritah has hit back again, telling Bad Black Off, saying she can only talk about s3x and prostitution and should never ever compare herself with a brand like Ritah.

“No one has ever brought a gift for your children on their birthday, in fact not even an underwear… Ohh this so ashaming, even your friends you call your besties did not show up for child’s birthday… hmm, Not even Sheilah Gashumba, Zahara Toto Ohhh if Kuzira was a person,,, in fact, if it was Asher to bring her three friends, then you would have flopped alone… I think now you can see the difference between me and you,,, Bakulaze Level,, Odangayo Gasiya gwe…..” ranted Ritah.

“Bad Black, the only thing you can talk about is s3x, hmmm Kwetunda, and bleaching are the only things you know. Therefore, Madam, Tolina kyotugamba. Bad Black, I have given a level without going vulgar because no one has heard going vulgar however I have given you facts. You neglect your kids, you don’t give them the care they deserve from a mother however every time I have to remind you.
In addition every time I abuse you, to my surprise you instead just pick lessons out of my disses. By the way, what are you even going to teach your children hmmm, Mbu the pentagon has 5 sides or because you did not go to school. why don’t you think ahead and plan better for your children… At least get them, someone, to coach them but how can your kids play games from morning up to the evening, poor mother,” read another missile.

Watch video below:

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