Saturday, January 23, 2021

Henry Mwanje’s Former Lover Leak ‘Saucy Video’ Of The Two On Each Other After He Denied Ever Sleeping With Her

The former New Eagles Member and singer Henry Mwanje has been thrust into the spotlight by his former b0nkmate for dumping her.

The jilted lover a one Apple Gorret has come out with evidence to show that she has been in love with Mwanje despite the fact that he insists he doesn’t know her.


Now Gorret has released a video as proof that he was chewing the fruit with the singer, saying he doesn’t have to deny ever knowing her. Gorret was early this week in the tabloids ranting about how the former Eagles singer is even a bore in bed.

In the video that she released, the two are seen swapping saliva to the point of getting wet and wild between the sheets. 

Watch the video below:

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