Monday, January 18, 2021

Lydia Jazmine And Fik Fameica Get Touchy Amidst B#0nking Spree Rumours

Rumours of a live b0nking spree between two established singers Lydia Jazmine and Shafik Walukagga alias Fik Fameica seem to be gathering more weight after the latest developments.

The pair who have been very close and worked together in several music projects are doing more than music business together and we know it.

The two artistes who first raised dust after Lydia appeared in Fik Fameica’s Muko as a vixen have raise abit note talk with their recent actions.

During a recent video shoot GLR the music project “Bingi”, Lydia Jazmine moves to put Fik’s hood proper only for the singer to grab her and the two embark in a playful romance in the full glare of everyone which has heightened talk of the two sleeping together.

The pair also made headlines after Fameika reportedly invited Lydia Jazmine to celebrate Eid El Fitr with her at his home where several of the rapper’s relatives were in attendance.

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