Thursday, January 28, 2021

VIDEO: Sheila Gashumba Sparks Gay Talk As She Squeezes Juice Out Of Fellow Girls Behind

Sheila Gashumba might be parading her love with God’s Plan all over Instagram and the rest of the social media platforms like there is no tomorrow. But it seems she has another side that is not so much as pleasant as her smile. It appears sheila has interest on fellow female I’d the proceedings of the past weekend are anything to go by.

Sheila was captured squeezing juice out of her fellow girl Katrina Nilzero, a fellow city animal. This was during one of Sheila’s lavish parties on the beach in Bunga as they sipped on expensive liquor. 

During one of the raunchy dances captured on film, sheila is seen showcasing horny and unpredictable behaviour as she grabbed Katrina’s behind and sensationally did it dirty as she showed how horny she can be with a fellow woman.

Watch the video below:

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