Monday, January 18, 2021

Sheila Gashumba Risks Being Arrested As Her Mega Party Sparks Public Outrage

It has already sunk into almost every Ugandan that gatherings and concerts as well as music performances before big crowds are banned. However, that doesn’t make any sense to  Sheila Gashumba after she defied all the directives and held a giant party.

The party happened on the beach in Bunga and sheila reportedly invited the city’s top man eaters and party animals to her party that was headlined by the likes of Judith Heard and Sheila Salta among others.

The socialites and man eaters kept their followers online hooked as they uploaded live video feeds which showed that it was a mega party with no social distancing and in bold defiance of the SOPs.

Now many have implored the Uganda police to reign in and arrest sheila Gashumba for arcane ng an event that is likely to lead to the spread of an infectious disease.

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