Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Bajjo Events Reveals 6 Reasons FUELED His Sensational U-turn From People Power To NRM

Motormouthed political commentator and events promoter Mukasa Andre Alphonse alias Bajjo Events has sensationally quit the People Power Pressure group in favour of the ruling National Resistance Movement which he has so much lambasted over the years.

The motor mouthed chatterbox has now left the People Power which he had so much endeared himself to and has openly come out to savagely castigate them.

Through a Facebook live feed, Bajjo listed down several reasons why he has quit the People Power saying they have lost the vision required to unseat the NRM. He also revealed that the People Power has and the opposition in general saying that they are both self centred and selfish. There are however reports that he was corrupted with millions from statehouse.

Below are the reasons he gives for leaving the People Power:

1. Too much cheap talk amongst opposition political players something that couldn’t lead them to power.

2. The too much social media fighting by opposition players instead of hitting the ground to sell their manifestos to the electorate.

4. Lack of unity in the opposition as a sounding factor of defeating the ruling NRM government.

5. Failure to exercise democracy within the opposition parties due to greed, inner fighting and opportunism in the opposition.

6. President Museveni has money, guns and the electoral commission hence not easy to be defeated from power.

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