Monday, January 25, 2021

Radio Simba’s Carol Embosera Opens Up About Reports Of B#0nking B2C’s Bobby Lash

Last week, there were reports of one of the B2C trio Bobby Lash feasting on Radio Simba presenter Carol Embosera. The rumours went through after reported audio from a woman who claimed to be the wife to the singer as she claimed that Carol is trying to steal her man away. The woman also revealed that she is pregnant and she wonders why Carol is trying to steal her man at such a critical time.

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However, Carol has refuted all the claims, saying that Bobby Lash is just a friend of hers like several other artistes. She also revealed that she also heard about the rumours from the press and received the audio with shock.

Being realistic, I do not know where all that started from because I also heard the audio like any other person.

I received links from my friends and I was really surprised. Bobby Lash is my friend like other artistes. I was so surprised when I heard all the accusations because me I am a married woman and he is not even my type,” Carol said of the rumours.

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