Thursday, January 28, 2021

VIDEO: “My Mother’s Lack Of Talent In Church Choir Inspired Me To Do Music” – Victor Ruz

Rising singer Victor Ruz has sensationally revealed that he was propelled to do music just for the sake of pleasing his mother.

The singer who has had a remarkable rise in music has revealed that he was badly disturbed when his mother was repeatedly turned away from the church choir because of her poor voice and lack of talent.

He revealed that after his mother could not make it to the church choir, he promised himself that he should become a singer and make her proud.

While speaking during a media tour in western Uganda at Boona Fm, the singer revealed that he wanted his mother to know that if she didn’t make it to the stage, her son did it for him.

“My mother was a bad singer in a church choir. She always wanted to sing but she could be chased because she had a very poor voice. So I used to be a pity for her. When I grew up seeing her want to do it but she couldn’t. I said to myself, I can do it too and for her” – Victor Luz revealed.

Watch Victor Ruz and Martha Mukisa’s Electrifying Performance at BOONA FM Below;

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