Thursday, January 28, 2021

Sheila Gashumba’s New BMW Car Is A Stolen Car – Shocking DARK Secrets Emerge

It barely a month after motor mouthed socialite and motivational speaker Frank Gashumba gifted his daughter Sheila Gashumba with a brand new vehicle.

The elegant BMW was gifted to Sheila to save her from the throes of jumping on our bodabodas and using hired vehicles. However, shocking revelations have emerged about the car.

However, a popular blogger a one Fred Lumbuye has come out to claim that the car that Frank gifted his daughter was actually a stolen car.

He claims the car is one of the many that were allegedly stolen after the 2007 Commonwealth heads of state summit. The car according to Lumbuye is even in a sorry mechanical state and is currently grounded.

Sheila has been seen jumping into Uber as her treasure lies Larked at Speke Apartments.

We are yet to hear from Sheila Gashumba and her father Frank.

Boom Gossip Shall Keep you posted.

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