Thursday, January 28, 2021

“Beware, I Never Lose!” – Zahara Totto Hits Back At Urban TV’s Tina Fierce Demanding She Gets Fired

Ugandan self proclaimed Field Marshal Entertainer Zahara Totto has scoffed at embattled Urban TV presenter Tina Fierce after she demanded that she should get fired over her recent relationship skirmishes that went public.

Zahara, after experiencing an excruciating separation with his Sudanese boyfriend Don Solomon went crazy and made a mess of herself.

In the aftermath, Tina Fierce who was herself suspended from Urban TV took to her YouTube channel in her Random Thoughts column and ranted that Zahara deserves to be fired because of putting the station image at stake.

But Zahara has hit back calling Tina a faded and jealous blogger and failed presenter who is looking for cheap popularity.

Mpozi who said am fired ! My dear fans stop following jealous faded fake bloggers and faded tv presenters who chase clout for likes and cheap social media follow ! The real deal is on #uncut  kalakata tonight! Uncensored,unfiltered, and very unapologetic!”, Zahara Totto ranted on social media.

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