Monday, January 25, 2021

Bebe Cool Bows To Pressure, Announces Online Concert

Singer Moses Ssali alias Bebe Cool has made it a habit to keep quiet throughout the entire COVID-19 lockdown. He has only come out to address a few issues when he has been propelled to do so. 

However, he has now come out to categorically state that he is also ready to come back to the limelight by staging his own online concert. Several artistes have staged online concert to engage their fans at a time when concerts are barred.

Bebe was challenged by NBS TV presenter Canary Mugume after he asked him whether he was looking forward to an online concert for his fans. Bebe revealed that he has it in considerations although he hasn’t set the date.

“Trust me you will have one from me after this COVID-19 serge. Good enough the kitchen is ready and am sure you will love the scent. Thanks for asking,” Bebe Cool posted after journalist Canary Mugume challenged him to a concert.

He will have to beat Bobi Wines record of 28k viewers maybe or he will have to make do with other smaller records set by other Ugandan artistes such as Spice Diana who have also had their own concerts during the lockdown.

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