Thursday, January 21, 2021

Bobby Lash’s Wife Exposes Radio Simba’s Presenter Carol Emboseera For Stealing Her Man, B2C Star Goes AWOL

There is an ongoing bitter war between a mystery woman who claims to be a wife to B2C singer Bobby Lash and Radio Simba Presenter Carol Nalumu alias Carol Emboseera.

The presenter who doubles as the ABS TV presenter is accused of supergluing and eating Bobby Lash’s juicy cassava like a woman possessed yet she doesn’t know that he is a man with a serious relationship.

Carlo is accused by the mystery woman of derailing her man from the cause at a time age needs him more since she is reportedly about to head for the labour ward as she is currently pregnant with Bobby’s child.

She, therefore, warns Carol to back off Bobby’s cassava, or else she will face dire consequences that she will live to regret. It however seems Carol seems to enjoy Bobby Lash so much that she is not ready to let him go for whatever reason.

Watch the crossfire here:

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