Saturday, January 23, 2021

“If You Haven’t Bought Big Assets Out Of Detoothing Men, You Need Cleansing!” – Tina Fierce Rants At Zahara Totto

Embattled Urban TV presenter Tina Fierce might be suspended from work for bullying Sheila Gashumba but she is not giving us a break.

The motormouth has been busy on her YouTube channel swearing at celebrities and criticising everyone. She has not spared NBS TV presenter Zahara Totto.

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Zahara is fresh from a break up with former lovely Big Papa and has ushered in a one Reuben Robert. Tina has now lashed out at Zahara Totto saying she has gone to the extremes in the manner in which she detoothes men around the city.

On her YouTube channel in a show dubbed Random Thoughts, Tina claimed Zahara should call herself a high profile failure if she hasn’t built a bungalow out of her thigh vending business.

“I swear Zahara if you don’t have a plot of land and a house plus many more other things, count yourself a disappointment to this so-called game of detoothing and all the hustles that come with it!” claimed Tina.

She also trolled Zahara Totto for still packing herself in her mother’s house and refusing to get herself a private apartment for all the time she has been working.

“Add on quitting your mother’s small house were you pack yourselves as sacks of beans,” added the Urban TV presenter.

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