Wednesday, January 27, 2021

VIDEO: NBS TV’s Zahara Totto And Boyfriend Reuben Hitting a New High, Guests Left Shocked As Couple Nearly Bonk At Party

The new love trail for the city’s certified man eater Zahara Totto and her instant substitute Reuben Robert seems to be hitting a new high. Ever since Reuben immediately cane to the rescue of the embattled Zahara after her acrimonious parting with her Sudanese boyfriend Don Solomon, Zahara has been committed to showing Robert that he is all that matters in her life.

The couple seem to never be bothered what the world thinks about them after what we witnessed this week. The pair attended a house party in Luzira and fellow guests were shocked after the pair almost bonked publicly bonked on the dancefloor.

The NBS TV presenter is now determined to ensure that her romance with Reuben doesn’t end up the way hers and Big Papa unfolded.

Watch the video below:

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