Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Controversial Kadongo Kamu Singer Hassan Ndugga Arrested

All is not well with seasoned Kadongo Kamu artiste Hassan Ndugga was today arrested and detained over his failure to pay back a debt of 30 million shillings that he had secured from a money lender.

The singer who was in the recent months so smitten with the NRM and President Museveni had secured the said money from the moneylender to organise the show he had dubbed ‘term egenda’.

However, the singer could not hold the concert due to the fact that he was persuaded and taken to president Museveni for the garamba trip in the hope that he would get lots of money from the head of state. However, the singer didn’t get anything from the president yet the money lender and several people that he owed money such as his landlords who wanted his money for six months rent believe he was now richer after meeting the president.

After realising that he couldn’t raise the money that moneylender wanted, Ndugga ran to a witchdoctor in Lwengo to bewitch the moneylender.

It is here that he was cornered and arrested. However, upon arrest, Ndugga admitted that he knew about the money and was looking for ways to have the debt settled.

Ndugga is also in trouble with his landlord and has not paid rent for the last six months.

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