Thursday, January 28, 2021

VIDEO: “You Will Cry Your Heart Out, Regret Chewing My Sumbie and Dumping Me” – Angry Angella Katatumba Curses Ex-Lover Daddy Andre

Singer Angella Katatumba has hurled curses at her ex-boyfriend and fellow musician Daddy Andre for using and later dumping her like a toilet paper leaving her feelings bleeding.

Katatumba split with Andre early this year accusing him of refusing to take an HIV test before jumping in bed with her. Though Angella Katatumba rubbished the rumor of sleeping with the popular producer, this until now has caused mixed reactions on social media with many netezens still questioning her HIV status.

This was after several girls came out to accuse the producer and singer of raping them and infecting them with HIV.

J-Pafra Nadia Rania and Amber Christ accuse Daddy Andre of forcing himself on them in his studio.

Katatumba when asked on the issue said she had ended the relationship because daddy Andre had refused to take an HIV test.

She had no choice but to end the relationship, which she says, broke her heart.

During her recent interview on a local TV station, Angella came out and prophesied doom for fellow musician and producer, Daddy Andre. She accuses the producer of mixing business with pleasure, which she says is detrimental to any career.

“I know he is not happy with me and he is regretting letting me go. Daddy Andre is mixing emotions together with business something which isn’t good. This will affect his career in the long run and he needs to change,” she claimed.

Watch the video below:

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