Monday, January 25, 2021

Sheila Gashumba’s Video Being Carried By H0rny God’s Plan Into Bedroom Goes Viral As They Almost Chewed Each Other Live On Camera

The talk of a split between Sheila Gashumba and her sponsor God’s Plan can be out to bed for now as it seems the pair can’t get enough of each other.

Sheila and Marcus have in the past weeks been rumoured to be at loggerheads with the former convict revealing a girl believed to be his new girl.

Sheila Gashumba and her fellow heartbroken girl Zahara Totto fled to Birdnest Resort beach at Lake Bunyonyi and they returned to the city with lighter hearts.

Now after reports that God’s Plan invited Sheila to a date at Speke Resort, a video has emerged of the h0rny duo as they are hurrying off their seats with God’s Plan ushering Sheila into the bedroom for a baptism of fire.

Watch the video below:
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