Monday, January 25, 2021

Toddler Rapper Felistar Finally Gets New Home After Threat Of Eviction

It is barely a month since young female rapper Faith Nanyanzi alias Felistar and her father were faced with an eminent great of eviction after they failed to clear rent arrears amounting to 1.6 Million. The rapper and her father were given a two weeks ultimatum to vacate their apartment or else they cough up the money they owed the landlord.

The threat, therefore, led to frantic appeals to well wishers and friends of the rapper to come to her rescue. During this Corona Virus period, several top celebrities such as Victor Kamenyo and King Michael have been reported to be sing trouble with landlords. 

However, for Felistar, she has been helped by well wishers to get her a new home after helping her to clear the rent arrears. We hope her father will clear rent next time.

Below is her freestyle as she thanks we’ll wishers for coming to hero rescue

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