Monday, January 18, 2021

URBAN TV’s Tina Fierce Fires At NBS TV Over Turning Blind Eye On Zahara Totto

If there is any woman that doesn’t mince her words, then its Urban TV star Tina Fierce. The motor mouthed presenter has voiced out her disappointment with Next Media TV stations NBS TV and Sanyuka TV over what she terms as the company’s failure to relieve Zahara Totto of her duties as the station.

Zahara Totto has been in the news for all the wrong reasons as she hurled vulgar obscenities at former Boyfriend Big Papa. 

Zahara was allover social media as she called Big Papa an “anus that slept with every slut” and Next Media has been heavily expected to put the female presenter to order. However, Next Media has kept quiet and Zahara is still doing her work as usual. 

But Urban TV star Tina Fierce believes Next Media should have fired Zahara, saying she doesn’t nerd to be on TV and doesn’t deserve to be watched by the nation’s children. While on YouTube for her online show dubbed “Random Thoughts”, Tina was unforgiving as she demanded that Zahara be fired for misrepresenting the station brand.

“Zahara Totto doesn’t deserve to be watched by our children at home. The company shouldn’t act blind, Zahara should be  fired,” fumed Tina Fierce.

Zahara is yet to respond to Tina’s demand. Watch the space.

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