Monday, January 18, 2021

VIDEOS: “I Paid You 20Million, You Counted It With Your Mother BUT You Still Couldn’t Leave Me Alone!” – Angry Don Solomon Stings Zahara Totto

Self talked moneybags and spendthrift Don Solomon has reignited his war with former lover Zahara Totto, saying he paid her a fortune so that they end their relationship. The tycoon who prefers to be called Big Papa has grabbed headlines in the recent psst with his highly publicised breakup with Totto.

He has now sensationally revealed that although he paid her 20million shillings to end the relationship, she still wouldn’t let him be. He revealed that the 20 million he gave her was counted by herself and her mother.

“Zahara Toto 20,000,000 Twenty Million Ugandan shillings is what I gave you to leave me alone, you counted it with your mother as this video shows and still you refused to leave my the f$ck alone. Let me live my Life” – Don Solo revealed

Watch video below of Zahara Count money with Her mother:

“Zahara Toto come and beat me??  ” brags Big Papa as he is enjoying life with his new lover.

As we write this, both parties have moved separate ways, with Don Solomon going for the beautiful Queen Ann while Zahara went for the light skinned Lauben Robert.

We shall Keep you posted.

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