Monday, January 18, 2021

SCREENSHOTS: Angry Zahara Totto Expose City Slay Queens Who Stalk Her Man, Set To LEAK Their N$ude Videos And Photos

NBS TV presenter Zahara Totto may have spent just a week with her new boyfriend Reuben Robert. But to her, one week is as long as eight years, and she has seen enough already. The gossip queen has revealed that there are several Kampala slay queen who are already targeting her man and are desperately sensing her n$ude videos and photos with an aim of stealing him away from her.

She has, however, vowed to expose them one by one, saying she and Reuben ate tired of the n$udes. She revealed that she has been with Reuben for 8 YEARS and that they have developed a telepathic understanding and cannot cheat on one another!

“Been with Reuben for 8 years now, our relationship is exceptional. He is so disgusted by your nudes please stop tormenting my man with your ugly n$$udes. Any message, pictures, or n$$udes that you send on our phone, am going to expose you! We are tired,” she wrote on Snapchat.

She also claimed that she shares phone Passwords with Reuben and they are very open to each other about the online activities. She has also been revealed that her man is here to stay and that no amount of persuasion or seduction will take him away from her.

“But Ugandan sluts… me and Reuben share the phone passwords and I see all nudes that you send him. You are embarrassing yourself so please stop stripping so low, he is not that man slut that will leave me for you, he is here to stay,” she added.

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