Wednesday, January 27, 2021

“She Seeks Cheap Clout, I won’t Let Her Have it!” – NTV Star Faridah Nakazibwe Aims Fresh Jab At Justine Nameere

The eternal hostilities between NTV presenter Faridah Nakazibwe and former NTV work mate Justine Nameere have been renewed with much more vigour. The two beautiful women have been tearing at each other for more than a year now, with the bone of Contention being among others, a man that we have all come to know as Dr Omar Ssali.

The two have been sworn enemies to the they extent of preferring court proceedings against each other.

As Faridah Nakazibwe celebrated her 36th birthday on Tuesday, she could not fail to have a few words to her nemesis, calling her a misguided missile that was seeking cheap popularity. She also maintained that she is not about to issue any kind of apology to Justin.

“I look at Nameere Justine as a misguided missile because she was seeking for attention bwenagimumma n’apowa naye bwaba awulira akyayagala she can still bring it on. I will still ignore her until she apologizes to herself. If she’s waiting for my apology, it is not coming now, not tomorrow, and not forever,” fired Faridah.

With the hostilities renewed, we can all wait for Justin Nameere’s vigorous comeback.

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