Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Bebe Cool Bounces Back On Social Media With Epic Rant About NRM Strength

Ugandan musician turned political activist Moses Ssali alias Bebe Cool may have taken time to make an appearance on social media in the event contested debates. But he has made a worthwhile reintroduction.

The singer was last heard of as he donated several food items to persons affected by COVID-19 and his awareness song. There have been reports that he has barred from entering state house several times by presidential aides with reports that the singer has fallen out of favour with the head of state. 

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However, in a long post on social media in which Bebe Cool congratulated the NRM for sweeping special interest groups around the country, he also had a word for those that thought he was an outcast in the NRM, calling them mere dreamers.

“Let me take this opportunity to thank the youth of Uganda for the positive direction they have chosen by voting their youth leaders under the Nrm flag/party all over Uganda.

It’s now evident that the work we have been doing in the last four years advocating for president M7 and the Nrm party has not gone unnoticed by the youths.

NRM has swept over 85% of the youth leadership which means that the young generation is willing to work with the president of Uganda to learn,bridge the gaps and rectify what is oppressing them.

As i always say, you need to go slow on Ugandans, the picture shown by many opposition politicians is a total misrepresentation of facts and it’s at such times that you get to understand that Ugandans are not to be taken for granted. They can differentiate between what they want and what they need, thanks to the peace in the country that allows all freedoms to prevail.
Your best example is the lock down period where only president M7 who the opposition has always sold as hated has always given SOP’S but the same Ugandans who are said to be tired of him sat down,listened and followed the directives.
This means they digested the whole situation and agreed with him.
If you were to buy the stories propagated by opposition that Ugandans are tired and hate M7, then the level of social disobedience during lockdown would have been noticed but there was total order throughout the country.
Am so proud of the young generation because joining such a successful party like NRM gives you an opportunity to learn from the best and by the time your time of leadership comes,you are not ignorant of issues and reality.

One may wonder why i nolonger say much both politically and socially. Well, if you have good brains you can tell that President M7 and the Nrm have no more seroius pressure/competition from the opposition of Uganda who have always concentrated on propaganda while he and the party have concentrated on tackling issues that affect our people. NRM party with a register of nearly 13 million Nrm members/voters while the electoral commission registered about 18 million voters country wide tells you the story better.
Noticing this months ago changed my ball game hence I had to pull back and restrategize musically not forgetting we are not performing at political rallies this time hence loss of income.
Why restrategise?
In this new normal where we are to live with covid-19, for one’s business to survive for the next one or two years,there needs to be a new strategy and this means sit back and plan again otherwise am sure there won’t be no performances for the next 12 months. Remember Ugandan artistes all had one major source of income and that was live performances.
As for my brother Tom Okwalinga,keep dreaming after all its among the freedom you enjoy in Uganda today.” Moses Ssali(Bebe Cool)

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