Saturday, January 23, 2021

“Back Off My Man!” – Angry Chozen Becky Warns Slay Queens As She Marks Her Territory

Now that season of stealing men from women and vice versa has come back upon us, almost every city woman that has a man worthy of his looks have started feeling scared and insecure.

Young female singer Chozen Becky is one of those women who have been observing the developments with a keen eye and she has loudly come out to mark her territory and to warn women off her man.

In a space of a week, Zahara Totto has seen her man Don Solo snatched by a vivacious babe and so has sheila Gashumba who has lost the love of her cherished God’s Plan. Singer Babaritah has also seen her man Comedian Chiko introduced by another woman. 

Now, Chosen Becky who months ago gave birth to a healthy baby has come out to reveal that she is not ready to see her man taken away by any slay queen adding that she is ready to do something sinister if it ever happened.

“You showed me the meaning of true love, you fought for me, cried for my love, stood with me always, and loved me than your own blood family. I remember when mummy in law told me I took her son away from her. Many have tried to separate us but you never gave up on me. However, if I ever get any slay queen with my husband, I swear I will fight for sure… In fact, I beg you all slay queens to stay away from baby boy… Never ever disturb our relationship because he is all I need in this world,” Chozen Becky wailed on social media.

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