Sunday, January 24, 2021

Abitex Ventures Into Artistes Management

The ongoing lockdown as a result of governments’ efforts to curtail the spread of the deadly COVID-19 seems to be biting everyone hard. The entertainment industry has however suffered most as concerts and events continue to be banned. This partly explains why renowned events organiser and promoter Abbey Musinguzi alias Abtex has tried his sights elsewhere to seek for some cash which has eluded him the past few months.

Abitex has now according to reports taken to managing artistes and is believed to be the new manager to singer Serena Bata, a former girlfriend to another events organiser Sipapa. Serena Bata has been overhead telling pals how she is very excited about landing Abitex as her manager.

Serena Bata

“I would like to thank Mr Abitex my manager who has managed to keep me visible in people’s eyes during these tough Covid-19 times,” Serena Batta told pals.

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