Thursday, January 21, 2021

VIDEO: Zahara Totto’s Sumbie Almost Terminated By New Boyfriend Reuben In A Car Live On Camera, Sets Social Media On Fire

Audios and videos of Zahara Totto crying and pleading on her knees seeking for Big Papa’s pardon seem a distant reality now. Zahara has landed herself a new man and she has already made the whole world aware of her new catch. Her new catch also doubles as her ex since the pair had parted ways not long ago.

Reuben Robert, upon hearing about what befell Zahara Totto came straightaway to give her a hand at her time of need and she was excited to welcome him back. 

Now in a video that has taken social media by storm, Zahara is seen in a compromising situation with Reuben and this has driven social media crazy.

Many have wondered how fast the gossip queen moved on, questioning whether she was indeed committed to the relationship with Big Papa.

Watch video below:

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