Monday, January 18, 2021

Swangz Avenue Boss Julius Kyazze Comforts Zahara Totto

Embattled NBS TV star Zahara Totto has got her comfort from a very unlikely source after Swangz Avenue boss Julius Kyazze came to her rescue when the rest of the world is against her.

After reports that Zahara has been suspended by her company Next Media for misrepresenting their image, Zahara Totto has found herself in a very unfamiliar territory. 

All the hell stems from the manner in which she reacted to a breakup with her boyfriend Big Papa. Zahara reacted violently and used foul language while reacting to the boyfriend’s taunts. The entire internet save for a few have been condemning her for being a rogue girlfriend while others laughed at her.

However, Swangz Avenue’s Julius Kyazze has come out with a message of support which was appreciated by the TV star. In a social media post, Zahara Totto has expressed her gratitude to Kyazze, saying she has been hated and insulted but Kyazze came forward to support her.

“Been receiving comforting messages for 2days now thanks to every single one of you out their who has shared love and supporting messages. But this one in particular is from one of my top bosses @juliuskyazze who shows appreciation for my time ,effort and hard work I put in when it comes to the Momo nyabo project . . Ba people don’t miss out on winning some ka money this season by just paying your bills using mtn mobile money . The rest is luck,” wrote Zahara.

Is Kyazze making moves? Watch the space.

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