Wednesday, January 27, 2021

VIDEO: “You Never Found Me A Virgin!” – NBS TV Star Zahara Totto Breaks The Internet, Joined By Sheila Gashumba And Bad Black In A Dirty Dance To Celebrate Her Breakup

NBS TV Star Zahara Totto has broken up with her boyfriend Don Solomon. That is a fact, However, we simply can’t tell who dumped who, since both parties are claiming to have landed the parting shot.

Despite the uncertainty on who walked away from the relationship, Zahara Totto is celebrating her night away after the break up. Joined by cereal city man eaters Sheila Gashumba and Bad Black, Zahara can never go wrong.

A video that is currently breaking the internet shows the three dancing their bight away in celebration after the breakup with Don Solomon. In the video, the three perform a dirty dance as they tell off the Sudanese tycoon that he never found Zahara a virgin.

This is in total contrast with the previous videos in which Zahara Totto is seen crying her heart out and begging the tycoon to give her a second chance and refusing to leave his residence.

“Zahara wawonye ekizike ki badde ki kuba everyday kitalo” – Bad Black posted

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