Monday, January 25, 2021

NBS TV presenter Zahara Totto Lists Reasons Why She Dumped Her Boyfriend Don Solomon [WhatsApp Screenshots]

Well, Zahara Totto says she is indeed the one who dumped her boyfriend Don Solomon despite the fact that she has appeared in audios as she begged him for forgiveness but all in vain. The NBS TV presenter insists she is the one that called the parting shots, contrary to what we have seen in videos and audios that are circulating.

As a matter of fact, the city lugambo queen has listed down four reasons why she chose to split with her loaded boyfriend after a lot of careful thought.

1. She accuses Don Solomon Of being a Playboy saying she has been hovering over every new skirt in town. Zahara says Don has been sleeping around with a one Queen Ann Love who he has now made his official girl.

2. Zahara also accuses Solomon of stealing money from her since she has been keeping money in her house of late! This is a complete irony since we all along knew it was Don Solomon who had been showing Zahara with cash.

3. The NBST TV presenter also accuses her boyfriend of asking for money from her after he became broke. She however alleges that after getting the money from her, he would use it to finance his side dishes. She branded him ‘an anus that slept with every slut’ in town.

4. Zahara also claims she is the one who ditched Solomon but he has been posing around claiming that he is the one who dumped her as he posted videos that he claims are of previous relationship fights.

Check Screenshot below:

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