Thursday, January 28, 2021

VIDEO: NBS TV’s Zahara Totto Fights Boyfriend For Denying Her A Second Chance, Hiden Dirty Secrets Exposed

We earlier reported to you how Field Marshall Entertainer Zahara Totto was left kneeling and crying for a second chance after she was ditched by her boyfriend, a one Don Solomon. We also reported to how, despite the fact that she blamed all her misdeeds to alcohol, she wasn’t forgiven since Don Solo insisted he had had enough of the relationship.

Zahara Totto was also accused of insulting her boyfriend’s parents although she has never seen them. Now we have landed on a video in which Zahara Totto is remonstrating with Don Solomon for a second chance which the tycoon refuses to grant.

This drives Zahara insane and she attacks him in his own house to the point of having a physical fight with him. Solomon is heard throughout the video crying out that he doesn’t want to fight with her but Zahara turns more and more violent.

Solomon is heard calling security which drags Zahara out of the bedroom and thrust out on the verandah. She seems banging the door and landed dragged out of the compound onto the road.

Poor Field Marshall!

Watch the thrilling video below:

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