Sunday, January 24, 2021

“I Could Have Fathered Both!” – Frank Gashumba Demands Spice Diana DNA Test

Frank Malingumi Gashumba, a social media noise maker and motivational speaker has made controversial statements in the recent past, some of which have landed him in trouble. Some of his statements have also become the genesis of widespread controversy. The latest is his claim to be the father of singer Spice Diana.

The singer took a mouth watering photoshoot with his daughter Sheila Gashumba and Frank was struck by the sudden resemblance of the two beauty Queens. Out of excitement, Gashumba claimed that even Spice Diana might be his daughter, demanding that there needs to be a DNA test to prove the singer’s paternity.

“Sheilah Gashumba & Spice! Seriously a DNA is needed…..,” wrote Frank M Gashumba on social media.

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