Saturday, January 23, 2021

Zahara Totto’s Fiance Hooks Another New Girl, NBS TV Star Goes Insane As She Spits Dirty [SCREENSHOTS]

NBS TV presenter Zahara Totto has had a reality check after she was shown the exit at her boyfriend’s house after he shipped in a new girl. Don Solomon as he has always been known to be Zahara Totto’s official b0nkmate.

However, there were reports that Solo was always having side dishes that he always feasted on behind Zahara Totto’s back.

However, the two have been splitting and reconciling with selfless abandon but Zahara has been left furious after learning that Ashe has finally been replaced. Don Solo took to social media to show off his new girl and this rubbed Zahara the wrong way.

Zahara pounced on the opportunity to hurl all sorts of insults at the new girl as she taunted the Sudanese tycoon of going for a cheap girl.

The slut that has been sleeping with my boyfriend,” she captioned a photo of the girl. 

In retaliation, Don Solo hit out at Zahara through his Snapchat as he savagely attacked Zahara for being stubborn and being to blame for the failure of their relationship.

“Lol you can post anything you want about my girl. The truth is I cannot be with you anymore. I have my own reasons as to why I left you Zahara. You don’t have respect for anybody. Post all the lies about someone you don’t even know,” Don Solomon hit back.

Zahara was not done yet, blaming Don Solo for being a playboy and hopping from woman to woman hence failing to settle down with her.“I tried to talk to him so we resolve things where it had gone wrong as I didn’t want the relationship to end! But he used to take advantage to continue with his ashawo behavior of sleeping with more sluts,” she fumed

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