Thursday, January 28, 2021

Dr. Desire Luzinda? Singer Back To School, Ventures Into Saving Lives

Ugandan singer Desire Luzinda has for a long time been up and down the terrain of earthly life without knowing her true calling. From singing to thousands to releasing the most captivating s?$x tape, to getting saved and shifting to the USA, desire has done it all. It now appears she has taken up a totally different profession back in the US. 

The “Ekitone” singer has now gone back to school to study phlebotomy years after failing to complete two of her previous academic endeavors at Nkozi University and Makerere University. 

While talking to her social media fans, Luzinda revealed how her education journey has not been all rosy, however insisting that she is this time determined to make it through.

This week as I was preparing for my Phlebotomy exam, many thoughts came to my mind. Many years ago, I enrolled at makerere university pursuing a degree in Development Economics which I did not complete because my music career had kicked off in high gear. Having dropped off in year 2 , at the back of my mind I knew some day I will bounce back and pursue further studies.

Years later, I enrolled at Nkozi university for Development Studies which I barely did for a year because I had a UK tour that my manager ‘then’ committed to and the dates collided with my first Exam period. I began to get tired of trying even when I knew the granite importance of Education.

Fast forward, as I prepared to enroll ‘again’ little did I know God was preparing for me a career totally different. And while many classmates dropped off because of the virtual classes, I said to myself, “not the third time! I have to do this!” So I chose to push even when it was so tough . And here I am on a many years journey of a career very interesting. My point is, never stop trying at something that makes you a better person. People will always talk but would you rather give them talk of you being successful or a failure?! IT DOES NOT MATTER HOW MANY TIMES YOU FALL BUT THAT ONE TIME YOU RISE UP AND MAKE IT RIGHT. YOUR JOURNEY IN LIFE IS PERSONAL SO CHASE IT PERSONALLY.”– Desire Luzinda wrote on social media.

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