Thursday, January 28, 2021

VIDEO: “He’s Special, Just Like Me!” – Lydia Jazmine Opens Up On Being Chewed by Fik Fameica

Lydia Nabawanuka alias Lydia Jazmine might be a woman that doesn’t make many controversial appearances in the news but she will have a rough time exonerating herself from being associated to rapper Shafik Walukagga alias Fik Fameica’s who0per allegations.

The pair have been rumoured to be b0nking since the time they were both struggling upcoming artistes to the established stars they are today. However, Lydia still continues to labour to explain that she is just friends with Fik, a defence that many dispute.

While appearing on capita FM alongside Irish Kyebandula and Ramesh, Lydia Jazmine was asked about how close she is to the “Property” hitmaker and she still laboured to convince anyone.

 “People that know Lydia Jazmine is a down to earth person, am really friendly and am not so complicated to be around with but some people take it differently”, Jazmine said. 

When asked her about Fik Fameica, Jazmine insisted Fik Fameica is currently ‘someone am close to and a special friend as well” and asked Irish to just watch the space instead of believing baseless speculation.

Watch video below;

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