Thursday, January 21, 2021

VIDEO: Frank Gashumba Clears Sheila’s Tears With Another Special Gift

Renowned social media motor mouth and self proclaimed social commentator Frank Gashumba is a man that we have grown up knowing to have a strong fatherly love towards his daughter Sheila Gashumba. Even when the pair clashed two years ago leading to a fracas that left sheila badly beaten, Frank still loved his daughter. Even when Sheila defied her father to start dating the controversial Ali Marcus Lwanga, Frank was infuriated but he never declared war on her.

Now when we all thought that the responsibility of showering Shiela with gifts solely falls to Gods Plan, Frank Gashumba has surprised his daughter with a super dope BMW Worth millions of shillings which has taken us by surprise as well. The thrilled Sheila Gashumba took to her social media platforms to show off the gift and to also thank her father for the gift.

”While i had given Spice Diana a visit to sell to her my new luxury wig line and after selling the wigs to her, she actually wanted to drive me home but she had a live zoom interview so her manager Roger decided to drop me home as My dad kept insisting that i need to be home Asap as he has something important to tell me!! I walked into the gate and found a monster white BMW and he my dad said to me, this is your car!!! Thank you dad. I know it isn’t my birthday and you still didn’t find a reason to gift me!! Love you x YOU ARE THE BEST ALWAYS AND FOREVER” Sheila posted on her Facebook.

This comes a few days after it was reported that sheila Gashumba had parted ways with God’s Plan die to constant battering subjected to her by the former convict.

Watch the video below:

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