Wednesday, January 20, 2021

I Don’t Owe Anyone An Apology! ” – Defiant Eddy Kenzo Not Ready To Bow To ‘Fadha’ Bobi Wine

The war between Ugandan artistes Bobi Wine and Eddy Kenzo is getting nastier every passing second. The two big artistes and their fans are taking their internet for a battleground with Kenzo blaming Bobi Wine for being selfish and ordering his fans to boycott voting him in the Nigerian Achievers awards where the Banq records boss is nominated.

Kenzo also accuses Bobi of deliberately ignoring big artistes that enroll to his National Unity Platform and refusing to post them anywhere, saying he is afraid of big artistes since he looks at them as competitors for clout.

“…Bobi chaired a meeting in which he told his fans to abuse and soil mine name and i have all the evidence. When i tried to reach out to him for explanation, he instead ignored me. Which kind of a leader is he? How will it be if he becomes president? won’t he step on our heads? “…Chameleone recently signed People Power forms but your man has never endorsed him. Even Lutaaya together with his wife came and officially joined NUP but still he didn’t post them anywhere. He doesn’t practice what preaches. He has self exaggerated importance!”.

After the venomous attack, thousands of Bobi Wine fans have vowed to show Eddy Kenzo where he belongs, sweating to bring him down for defying Tue ghetto gladiator who many prefer to call Fadha. However, Kenzo insists he is not going to apologise to Bobi or anyone that wants to lure him into cheap politics.

“God Is the greatest and no apology to di Babylon system. Ghetto yuut voice. And Uganda comes first no matter wagwan sen!!! God bless dem God people  spread love not hate. Say no to Tribalism”, he wrote on social media.


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