Sunday, January 24, 2021

“Not All Men Want To Feel Your Smelly Behind!” – Urban TV’s Tina Fierce Fires Hot Coals At Shamed Winnie Nwagi

A video clip showing Navio running away from singer Winnie Nwagi’s soft behind as she tried to rub and dub on him is still taking the internet by storm.

The rapper immediately ducked away after he felt uncomfortable with Winnie Nwagi’s actions live on camera and many have praised him for respecting himself and resisting the temptation of an immoral Nwagi. 

Although Navio has come out to reveal he ran away to see the photos that his cameraman was taking, many have insisted his discomfort was evident. Many believe it because the rapper is now a married man.

However, former Urban TV presenter Tina Fierce has praised Navio for the action, saying the rapper has always respected himself even before marriage. She also lashed at Winnie Nwagi, saying not every man wants a girl ribbing her smelly behind on him.

“OK girl, truth is not all men is an ass man. You be out here twerking with your crusty ass smelling behinds!!! They will do that to you. That Mans discomfort was so evident..” hit out Tina at Nwagi on twitter.

Fierce also praised Navio’s good conduct saying the rapper was even a man that never wanted to mess himself up with video vixens during video shoots.

“Before you all scream it was a shoot, that Mans discomfort was so evident

And let us not act like we DO NOT KNOW “the before marriage navio”

he is always respectful in his vids still!” added the motor mouthed presenter.


Navio Speaks Out On Why He Ran Away From Winnie Nwagi’s Hot Behind

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