Saturday, January 23, 2021

End Of The Road? Sheila Gashumba And God’s Plan Split After Bitter Fight

The world of love, romance, and relationships is indeed a mystery. What seems a rosy relationship that has all that men crave turns on its tail to become a pure hell for lovers in just a matter of days, or hours. Celebrated couple Sheila Gashumba and the eagle eyed Marcus Ali Lwanga can attest yo that. As we wrote this, word on the street and social is that the two have parted ways.

The reason for the split between the two serial loves is that the pair have been embroiled in a series of fights. God’s Plan has been rumoured to be battering Sheila for months despite the fact that the two have been denying the claims.

However, God’s Plan has openly revealed that he and Sheila have separated through his Instagram account. He said he and sheila have parted ways and are still not together.

We are yet to a certain whether this is a mere publicity stunt aimed at promoting their new TV show.

I can confirm me and lil stunner have parted ways.” wrote God’s Plan.

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