Thursday, January 28, 2021

“You’ve Got Such A Hot Sumbie!” – NBS TV Star Sheila Salta’s Fiance Spills The Beans [Screenshot]

NBS TV Catchup star Sheila Saltofte alias Sheila Salta might be looking young, but she has spent eight whole years in a relationship with city playboy Maxim. Maxim the former manager of Chameleone’s DNA Lounge is the proud beneficiary of Sheila Salta’s warm embrace every night.

He has now come out to dismiss any claims that the pair are just wasting time while others claim the pair are simply incompatible. There were also reports that the two lovebirds are on the brink of separation. However, in a missive that Maxim has written on his socials, he praised Sheila’s hot ass as well as her loving heart.

“We’ve had our ups and downs, and everybody has an opinion about me and her being together! Just letting y’all know I don’t really care, I love what we have, this girl is my bestie, and she has the best kiss. Sheila Saltofte lucky me eh!” posted Maxim.

Maxim also praised Sheila Salta’s body, saying she is blessed with a great as and he is proud to have tormented her in bed for the last eight years. He claims although it is written that no one is perfect, sheila simply comes close.
” You have such a hot ass!! @sheilasaltofte it’s been fun riding together on the highway of life for 8years! Put some respect on that!, You got baggage put am packed to, keeps the balance. Nobody is perfect but your pretty close though! ?? .” purred Maxx.

See Screenshot Below:

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