Wednesday, January 27, 2021

“I Don’t Pull Down My Clients’ Knickers!” – Nessim Aims Dig At Nemesis Daddy Andre

Nessim producer of Nessim Pan Production is not only good at making beats. He is also a master of art when it comes to aiming sly digs.

The tiny producer whose friendship with Little Feffe Bussi was more famous than his first song has cut out his reputation as one of the most sought after producers of his time. Now he has had to reveal the secret that has kept him on top of his game: professionalism.

Nessim while speaking to Boomzhub revealed that he has succeeded because of his discipline and did dedication. He also revealed that he is not the type that sexually molests his female clients because it ruined his reputation as well as his brand.

“I personally can never sleep with an artiste who come to my studio to record a song. I respect my job. I don’t come here to play. If I sleep with my clients then I don’t think my business can grow,” he explained.

In saying this, Nessim appeared to aim a dig at producer Daddy Andre who was early this year accused of molesting Nadia Rania and several other women in his studio.

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