Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Victor Kamenyo Speaks Out On Running Away From House Without Paying Rent

Ugandan singer Katongole Derrick alias Victor Kamenyo has come out to speak out on reports that he ran away from his landlady without laying rent accrued from his stay at her house.

The woman who claims to be his landlady has claimed that Victor Kamenyo has left the house after seven months without paying rent amounting to 3.5 million shillings.

This comes a few weeks after fellow singer King Michael was kicked out of his rented house over rent. However, the rapper has trashed all the allegations saying the allegations are not true adding that he doesn’t owe her landlady any money. He also added that he is a landlord himself with several rentals actors in the city and cannot fail to pay rent.

He said the room in question had been rented for the children that he takes care of. He however adds that he paid the landlady to the last digit but insists that the claims are politically motivated to tarnish his name. Kamenyo also recently declared his intentions to run for a seat as a member of Parliament.

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