Saturday, January 23, 2021

Ray G Parts Ways With Manager At Awesome Management

Western Uganda’s posterboy Ray G Rhiganz camp is currently at sixes and sevens after his long time manager exited camp. Ray G has Been tightly knit with his manager a one Wavah for the past seven years under the Awesome Entertainment. 

However, Wavah has now exited the camp and went separate ways with an artiste that he helped make a national star.  Ray G had been a solid presence in western Uganda since 2014 bit he shot to national recognition after his successful “Omusheshe” with songstress Spice Diana.

Although the reasons behind Wavah’s departure are yet to be known, it is speculated that the two could have had irreconcilable differences which led to the split. In a detailed social media post, Wavah insisted he leaves in good faith and wishes Ray G all the best.

Hey friends, I wish to make an official statement regarding my work relationship with Ray G/Awesome Entertainment.
I have worked closely with Ray G as his Manager for a period of approximately 7 years (2014-To date) and throughout our journey iam proud to say that we have been able to attain lots of milestones, hit targets, surpass various challenges especially in the music field, as well as be able to create a brand that is visible today even in times and locations where it seemed impossible.
I want to thank everyone that has been apart of this journey to make my role and time of tenure worthwhile. My family, friends and well-wishers, all stake holders in the entertainment fraternity , mainstream media, bloggers, fellow Managers,Artists,Djs­,Producers, Promoters, event organisers etc, and everyone that has contributed to this journey in one way or another.
I thank Awesome Entertainment Management for being a great team to work with. I couldn’t ask for a better crew.
I thank Ray G for presenting an opportunity for me to express my potential and ability to serve. You are a great artist with an incredible talent and I am honoured to have been able to make my contribution towards the building of your musical career as a Manager.
However, I would like to make it clear that from Today going forward I WILL NOT be associated with Ray G as an artist/Brand and Awesome Entertainment as a Record Label. Any other business concerning the artist or recording label stays as was, and any contacts should be made directly to/through the standing management.
I wish everyone the best in their endeavours and encourage you all to stay focused to achieving all the goals in life.
Peace and Love.

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