Wednesday, January 20, 2021

American Rapper Kanye West Applies For Ugandan Citizenship

Famed American rapper Ye, formerly Kanye West visited Uganda in 2018 and he seems to have been amazed and thrilled by the pearl of Africa. Kanye visited Uganda for a tour as well as shooting his album alongside his celebrity wife Kim Kardashian. The rapper was so thrilled with what he saw that he has now opted to be a Ugandan.

Reports obtained by this website indicate that Kanye has now applied for Ugandan citizenship so that he can permanently make Uganda his second home. Kanye reportedly told close oaks that Uganda excited him and made him feel at peace because of its beautiful scenery, nature and friendly people.

When Kanye visited Uganda, he visited State house Entebbe where he gifted president Yoweri Museveni with a pair of Snickers and he was in return given a name “Kanyesigye”. 

Born Kanye Omari West, the 43 year old was born In Atlanta Georgia in the United States of American and is a multi talented Rapper, songwriter, actor and producer. A few years ago, he changed his name to Ye. There have also been reports that he intends to run for presidency in the United States.

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