Friday, January 22, 2021

“I Used To Revise From A Night Club!” – Karole Kasita On Life At School And Campus

Female Singer Karole Kasita is one of the few artistes in Uganda who are proud graduates. The singer graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Entrepreneurship studies at Makerere University Business School – MUBS but it came at a heavy cost.

The singer while speaking to Urban TV revealed how she was so fixed at campus that she even could not find time to revise. This was because of the demanding nature of her music career which was beginning to take shape. Kasita revealed that she reached the extent of revising from a night club ahead of examination time.

The “Yaka” singer also revealed that she Studied Entrepreneurship alongside Physics, Economics and Mathematics PEM/ENT because at Advanced level she wanted to be an engineer. Unfortunately, she could not get principle passes in Physics and Mathematics.

‘In my HSC, I did sciences. I did PEM/Ent looking to be an engineer. But then I passed Economics and Entrepreneurship, I failed the sciences!” Revealed Kasita.

However, she has no regrets since she is now raking in money thanks to her amazing music talent.

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