Monday, January 18, 2021

NBS TV’s Top Bosses In Panic As NTV Breaks Bank For Samson Kasumba, Here Is How Much He Will Be Earning Per Month

There is a rumour that keeps developing every passing day of celebrated NBS TV news anchor Samson Kasumba crossing to Serena based NTV.

The rumour has been around for some time and many believe is now a matter of when not whether. Samson is one of the most experienced and top news anchors at the Kamwokya based media house and it appears NTV is workings round the clock to whisk him off to Serena with promises of a hefty paycheque.

NTV who already have a newsroom brimming with talent and experience with the likes of Flavia Tumusiime and Ritah Kanya want to add Kasumba to their ranks. A staff at the Serena based NTV who spoke to Boomzhub on condition of anonymity confirmed that the two parties were in advanced talks.

“Yes, the management is too much interested to add Kasumba on the team. He will be joining Ritah Kanya, Flavia Tumusiime, and others in anchoring English bulletin,” – intimated the source.

When asked about whether he believes that NBS TV has now eclipsed them as the best TV in the land, he branded that as an inaccurate assessment.

“Nooooo, they are still trailing us by a mile, they snatch our already made presenters but we still stand because we are the mentor of those presenters they snatch and we know their weaknesses. We believe NTV creative team is the best, that why they copy and paste our shows,” added the source with glee.

Boomzhub has learnt that the NTV Uganda management are willing to break the bank to double Kasumba’s monthly Salary.


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Having got wind of the developments, the top bosses at NBS TV have hastily arranged a meeting with Kasumba and are keen on improving his employment contract.

Shall Keep you posted.


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