Saturday, January 23, 2021

VIDEO: Lydia Jazmine Filmed Hungrily Massaging Fik Fameica’s Angry Cassava

It has been a while since rumour started spilling through singer Lydia Jazmine and rapper Shafik Walukagga alias Fik Fameica were b0nk!ng tubeless. The rumours claimed that the pair were actually in the final stages of moving in together.  

However, with the recent developments, all the doubts that have lingered for long have Been wiped. The female diva whose affinity for cassava has been hugely documented has been filmed having a feel of Fik Fameica’s hungry reptile in the trousers as she longed for the night.

Insiders intimated to us that the pair got dirty between the sheets and might think about baking babies soon.


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“It ended last night. Walai kyawedde. Omwana yakamenye,” intimated the insider.

Watch the video below:

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